In case that I am thinking about purchasing fake watches online, I would like to visit a store that is perfect in everything, or at least the one that makes me satisfying. What I mean by everything includes product quality, return and exchange policy, price, customer service, etc. Today my attention switches to, and I am going to find out whether this replica watches online store meets my requirement or not.

The moment I entered its homepage, I was deeply impressed with its wide sliding banner displaying the latest promotional activities, like the one “Christina Sale: 70% Off”. But this is the only thing that impresses me. As far as I am concerned, an online store with some originality in design tends to be more attractive. Unfortunately, as for this website, I have seen similar design on a large amount of other sites.


Luckily, the site still feels quite friendly, from my point of view. Besides the impressive wide banner, the homepage displays a menu bar just below the main title, as well as ten hot sale products in the center of the page. A long list of watch brands are available in this store, in spite of only 7 brands shown on the menu bar. And this long list will be revealed once you click one of the buttons except for the “HOME”. On the list, you can see a lot of luxury watches brands, such as Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Chopard and Montblanc.

No advanced search option is offered in the site, making browsing kind of complicated, even though each category is divided into sub-collections. For example, there are more than 1000 items in one sub-collection of Rolex, the Datejust. Without advanced search option, you need to check the items page by page to find the one you want within such a plenty of products.

It seems that only sells cheap replica watches that are priced between 65 GBP and 85GBP. This is what I found out after browsing several dozens of pages randomly. All the watches are powered by Japanese quartz movement or Asia automatic movement. Considering the movements, I think the store fixes acceptable prices for its products.

It is kind of disappointing that the shop copied pictures of a different shop directly instead of investing its own product pictures. I do think that an online store is much more trustworthy if it displays images that have URL watermarks accordingly. The saying that what we see is what we will receive can not be proved by these copied pictures.


As for payment methods, VISA, MasterCard and Western Union are available on the site. But I once read a review about the payment policy of this store, and the review mentioned that the store only accepts Visa payment. If you are interested in this topic, you can contact the customer service staff to confirm this.

I like its shipping service because I am living in America. “Free Shipping is available for most of the countries around the world,” “Please kindly note that shipping is not available for the listed countries: Brazil, Nigeria, and South Africa.” It is said that all orders are being dispatched with EMS, DHL or TNT. Since I can not find information like this on the “Shipping & Delivery”, I can not make sure of this.

contact method

You can contact the merchant via Email and “Contact Form”. Neither LIVE CHAT nor PHOTO CONTACT is offered. All these elements in customer support make me think that they are kind of unprofessional, even though it claims to offer 24/7 customer service.

“Products with quality problem in 7 days (from the date products were received) can be returned and refund,” “All exchanges must be addressed within 14 days of receiving products,” claims the site. This is the basic information of its Return & Exchange policy. You also need to pay attention to the specific regulation in case that you need to return or exchange your watches.

In a word, I can not count into my trustworthy replica watches online stores lists after taking all these elements into consideration. I do not deny that the store has something interesting, but its disadvantages offset these elements. Therefore, there’s some room for improvement for the store to get.

Review of—Terrible After-sale Service

Datejust 1

As for this review, it is shared for those who are looking for a quality replica watch as well as excellent customer service. According to what my blog reader said, he did receive a satisfying watch from “The watch makes me feel like that I have a real Rolex Datejust. Its quality is as good as what the site claims, right weight, nice appearance, good performance.” But he not only focuses on product quality, just like many of us, but also cares much about customer service. “Good product is not enough to make up for the poor customer service the company offer me,” he said. The content below is sorted out based on this reader’s full review.

The Site: Appealing Appearance

In my point of view, looks pretty good. It looks like a professional fake watch site that our customers can enjoy good service and quality watch. All the pictures have high resolution, and every watch is displayed from different angles by using pictures of different parts. Unlike many other replica watch online store, the pictures displayed have watermarks of, rather than of a different URL. Besides, prices displayed at the site are reasonable, neither too high nor too low. All of these matters were appealing to me, explaining why I placed the order without hesitation.

Service: The Most Disappointing Point

I do think that a professional replica watch online store should offer both good watches and excellent service. But this store fails to do that.

Three days after I placed the order, I received not any delivery information about my watch. Till my first email asking about my watch could I know that the watch was out of store and I needed to wait for another three days or selected another watch. It would be much better if they informed me earlier or they marked “OUT OF STORE” instead of “IN STORE” in the product page.

I do not know how fast other customers can receive a responsive email. But every time it took me several hours to wait, even though I contacted them during their working hour. One more question, I really doubt whether the phone call No. displayed at the site is practical or not, because there was nobody on the phone.


Shipping: Very Slow

“Shipping your fake watch generally takes 5-7 days,” claims the site. But actually, I had been waiting for about 10 days to receive my watch after they noticed me of the tracking No. of my watch. It is a little difficult for me to understand why I need to wait for such a long time even if I already paid $22 for the delivery.

“The watch was bought for my birthday, but I received it after my birthday. A late birthday gift, so sad, right?”

return policy

Return Policy: Looks Like Reasonable

“Our products are guaranteed to satisfy every customer, please read the following and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will be more than happy to exchange your item or refund your money,” claims the site. But actually, they do not do what they promise.

At the beginning I wanted to return the watch because it was late and I was not happy about it. But the company rejected my requirement and kept persuading me to keep the watch. Wow, their late email reply was quite annoying. They told me that I needed to pay the delivery fee if I returned the watch and any charge incurred would be also on my account. I spent several days negotiating with them, and I gave it up at last because it was time wasting.

In Conclusion

It is a unique review. Good product but poor service, such a weird fake watch store. I strongly suggest that this company improves its customer service, otherwise many customers like me will not visit the store again.

Review of

Nowadays, a large number of replica watches companies are out there selling all kinds of fake watches. These online stores share one common place–they promise to offer quality, or even the best imitation. Many of them even declare that their customers can enjoy the best replica watches, the lowest prices and the most satisfactory services. But in fact, only a small amount can do what they promise. Therefore, it is kind of necessary for us to investigate and research a company before placing an order, so as to avoid getting cheated. In this article, I am going to have a look at a site that looks like a trustworthy replica website—

It seems that is a professional and trustworthy replica watches site, telling from its simple and elegant design. Once visiting the site, you can see an impressive homepage that is made up with main menu bar, a wide promotion banner in the middle, popular models in the site, and categories available. In fact, I got impressed by its high resolution watch from the first moment I accessed the page. No other decoration is added to the site, making it look simple but impressive.


In the menu bar on the left side, categories available in the site are displaying, impressing me with its large number. Replica Rolex watches turn out to be the main products of this company, since they take up a large proportion in the category list. I like almost everything of the menu bar except for the fact that only Rolex watches can be selected by collection there. It is common that every category is organized in into collections in many watches sites to simplify the selection. But once you click one category, the sub-collection is shown over the displaying. provides watches powered by Swiss automatic movement, Asia automatic movement and Japanese quartz movement. Prices are set basically depending on the difference in movement. The most affordable knockoffs are those equipped with Asia automatic movement, which can be as low as several dozen dollars. If you would like to have watches of better quality, select the Swiss self-winding watches, which are priced between $200-$400. If you are looking to buy the best available quality then you may want to consider the Swiss clones that are equipped with a 25 jewels ETA self-winding movement and range between $200 and $450. The defined currency of the prices is USD, but you can also select the one most suitable to you, including Euro, GB Pound, Canadian dollar, and Australian dollar.


Good quality product pictures are shown on the site. Along with the main picture, there are also several others in one product presenting the product in detail, dial, caseback, bracelet, crown, clasp, logos, and so on. In a word, you can see the watch clearly from different angles.

For the payment methods, it seems that Paypal, Master Card and Visa are feasible. Actually I have no idea about this since there is no declaration on this point on the site, and I tell from the small logos at the left bottom.

shipping rate is able to send orders to most of the world via a wide range of delivery options, including EMS,DHL,UPS and TNT. The processing time takes approximately 1-2 days. Delivery to North America and Asia takes 4-7 days, while orders of other areas will be delivered within 7-14 days. But one thing important should be kept in mind, that they do not offer free delivery. I think this is related to its low prices in products.

As for its customer service, only email contact and offline message are offered. It is claimed that all messages will be replied within 24 hours.

The site offer an 180 day warranty on every watch. Besides, it offers a 14 day refund and exchange policy.

return & Exchange

As far as I am concerned, the online store is kind of trustworthy, telling from everything in the site. It does not claim that it is selling the best quality watches at the lowest price. What it does is only to display the products and prices. The return and policy policy, and delivery appear to be reasonable. Of course, this is only my own opinion. How about yours?

Review of A Site Of Good Reviews review is a site recommended by several of my readers who know a lot about replica watches. According to what they have told me, it is an online store that is suitable for those who are thinking about buying a great replica Rolex at a very affordable price, since the store has been devoting to only Rolex replicas and they offer professional service. Well, now I am going to analyze the store based on several reviews provided by my readers and some principles of judging an online store.

As for the design of the site, it is simple but modern-looking, since it is unnecessary for a replica watch store to be equipped with very sophisticated appearance, from my point of view. On the homepage, what we can see include a wide banner promoting the Rolex Daytona, a menu bar displaying categories available on the side, a promotional deal displayed on the left side, bars showing best sellers and promotion products, and a purple LIVE CHAT box at the corner on the right.

topwatchbase category

A wide variety of Rolex models are available on the store. About 20 categories, in each of which at least several dozens of models are included, are set to simply the selection. In terms of finding the type of watch that suits your style, you can process it by choosing gender, movement, and price or input the key word of your watch on the advanced search.

After browsing through a few replica watches on the site, I found out that the watch carries Rolex replicas powered by Swiss automatic, Asia automatic or Japanese quartz movement. Because of the difference in movement features, prices of timepieces vary. Swiss knockoffs tend to be available at prices close to $300 or much higher than $300, while others are feasible at very decent prices–between $100 and $250.


In terms of the quality of the watches on this site, all of my readers seem to be satisfied with it. “The watch is nice”, “The watch is beautiful,” “I like my watch”, what they told me is like these.

Day date Day-Date review

Fake watches pictures listed on appear to have high resolution, making it easy for us to distinguish the essential details of the watches. Of course, it is also because each product is presented from a variety of angles. But I feel kind of annoyed due to the watermarks on the pictures. The name of a different site is watermarked on the pictures. Speaking of this question, their customer service staff told me that the pictures are taken by them as well, but for, and the URL had been changed but the pictures have not been updated.

If you would like to place an order, you can pay the bill via Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. “At first, I was skeptical of the purchase because the customer service staff told me to pay via Western Union and $20 discount could be offered to me. Since I knew nothing about this payment method, I did not dare to do so until she explained a lot about it. At last, I received the watch, finding no problem with it, and then I trusted the security of this payment method,” told one of my readers.

return and exchange policy

When it comes to the delivery speed, I think that every order takes about 12 days on the delivery averagely, deduced from the data provided by my readers. Free delivery is offered in the company, and packages will be delivered by EMS (Worldwide Express Mail Service) or USPS (U.S. Postal Service).

I really appreciate its return and exchange policy. “You can exchange your purchase for up to 30 days from the purchase date,” “You can return your purchase for up to 30 days from the purchase date,” claims the site. No reader shares me with his or her experience of returning or exchanging a watch, so I can not tell you more about this topic.

Review of Silver Rolex Daytona


Daytona is a category in Rolex that is known to many people all over the world. It can not be denied that, to many Rolex fans, Daytona tops the list of the favorite watch, and the Submariner might be the only one to match. As for the category, it earned fame and got the nickname “Daytona” after the famous Daytona International Speedway race during the 60’s.

To a true watch collector, the Daytona may be the most sought-after and difficult to purchase watch, one reason lying in that the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph has a pretty cool appearance. It enjoys a status and fanatic following that other categories in Rolex have never experienced. In terms of the timepiece, it has different variations in dial, case material and strap, and the most popular models may be the stainless steel ones with a simple or black dial. From my point of view, the one all in silver is the most appealing.

The picture of white Rolex Daytona Cosmograh replica is as below. In the picture, you can see that a charming white dial, adorned with white-gold plated hands and markers, is protected by shiny sapphire crystal glass face. Amazing legibility is clearly shown by this wonderful design. Like the original, it has luminescent coating on the markers and hands, so as to provide low-light visibility.


The replica Daytona has a bracelet, a case, a bezel and crowns that are made of solid stainless steel. All the components of the timepiece accentuate its elegance and refinement, making it one of the most classic and elegant models in Rolex. In spite of its highly polished finish, it still has reasonable legibility on the tachymeter, just like the original.

The case, measuring 40mm in diameter, features a well-made bezel with tachymeter, as well as great sapphire crystal. The three parts go harmoniously with the sophisticated dial that is set with fully functional sub-dials.

Like what I have mentioned before, it has a bracelet that is made of solid stainless steel. The bracelet is made up of three-piece links that are connected by threaded screws, and the bracelet links to a nice polished deployment clasp.

The triplock crown gives the Rolex Daytona replica a good finish. Its screw-in setting for the chronograph buttons make its water resistance upgraded.


The silver Rolex Daytona, set with white dial, polished stainless steel case, bezel and bracelet has been long regarded as an iconic timepiece. It has adorned the wrists of many men for years, enhancing wearers’ charm effortlessly and greatly.

I like to collect replica Rolex Daytona. Although they are replicas, some of them look exactly like the originals and function well, taking this one as instance. As far as I am concerned, a real Rolex Daytona costs such a big sum of money, thus it is a good alternative choice to select a replica. How do you think?

Review Of Replica Orange Omega Seamaster


Like the name implies, the Omega Seamaster is a gift introduced to sailors or other professors working in the ocean. Since its debut in the 40s, it has been a hit thanks to its innovative functions, as well as its extreme performances. As for this Orange Omega Seamaster, it keeps Seamaster’s characteristics of being modern, striking and bold, and it is even bolder and more stylish than the models before.

For those who are looking for a watch with a unique touch, this one is fantastic. And this is also why I want to make a comparison between an orange Omega Seamaster and the replica one.

Omega Seamaster-2

In terms of quality replica Omega Seamaster with Orange bezel, a large number are available in the market, among which there are some very well cloned imitation timepieces, while most of which have huge discrepancies and look totally fake.

The one introduced here is of high quality as well. It looks exactly like a genuine Omega at first glance, actually. But several irregularities can be found at a closer look.

It is a quality replica Omeage Seamaster with Orange bezel that looks authentic, having an elegant appearance, eye-catching scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass face, a delicate black dial set with contrasting hour, minute and second hands, and small sub-dials. Another eye-catching point of the watch lies in the orange oversize 12 o’clock hour marker, which goes harmoniously with the orange bezel, while the instantaneous date shown in an aperture between the 4 and 5 o’clock is attractive as well. Besides, the sub-dials of the watch are shown in different sizes and hour numerals, but they are in orange and silver instead of just silver.


When it comes to the most fantastic part of the watch, it must be the beautiful orange ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel and quite robust buttons and pushers that are decorated with matching orange discs. When comparing this replica to the genuine, it has a similar bezel but smaller and thinner pushers.

The dial of the replica has similar font and size of the brand and the correction, but the color appears to be a little faded, making it one of the biggest negative aspects.

Other components of the replica are well-made. For example, the watch is equipped with a solid stainless steel bracelet which features a simple and robust clasp that is engraved with the company’s logo and name, and it has a stainless steel back case that is embossed with the iconic Omega seahorse.


According to all the elements above, it is easy to make a conclusion that the manufacturer was very keen on replicating all the important authenticity marks of the model, so as to make sure that a high degree of accuracy is achieved.

Of course, it is extremely difficult for a replica to have no minor flaws. Just take it easy if you get a replica that is completed without perfection. Review: A Site Selling Cheap Replica Watches

In terms of luxury watches, I don’t think there is a single person out there who knows nothing about these brands. If you are a fan of one luxury watch brand, it is of possibility that you are looking for a high quality replica watch at a very decent price. Speaking of replica watches online store, today I would like to review, a replica watches site selling fake watches at low price.

Design Of The Site

Honestly, in spite of its very simple and common design, the layout of the site is appealing to me. The homepage features a big banner with a promotional title “Perfect Replicas 50% Off”, a plain menu bar with service provided and with available luxury watch brands available. In the homepage, no notable embellishments or other interesting features can be seen.

Products Available

Rolex sells replica watches of more than 30 brands. At first sight, you may think that there are numerous replicas available in the site, but actually, if you check it carefully, you can notice a limited offer here, since there are not many models in one brand.

Actually, as far as I am concerned, the site is not trustworthy, after I noticed a sentence in the product description “Top quality Genuine Swiss ETA movement”. I do not find any replicas which cost more than $100. It is impossible for a replica with Swiss ETA movement to be at such a low price.

Swiss ETA movement _

The pictures of these replica watches appear to have high resolution. But it seems that these pictures are not original, proved by the watermark “”. Besides, unlike other sites that display several images of dial, back case, clasp, bracelet, and more, this one only shows a single picture for one product. Thus, if you would like to know more information of the model you want, you need to check the images of the original one.

Shipping Policy

As for its shipping policy, in my opinion, it is kind of unpractical. “Buy three watches or more, free shipping all over the world”, claims the site. Actually, only a small number of people will buy three watches in a new store. When it comes to the delivery speed, the site claims, “It takes 5-7 business days to deliver items to North America. For all international orders, packages take 8-14 business days. All the products are shipped by DHL, USPS or Express Mail (EMS)”.


Return & Exchange Policy

14 days exchange & return policy is offered in the site. Details can be found in the picture below.

return & exchange

Customer Service

No LIVE CHAT or phone number is available in the store. To contact the customer service staff, you need to send them an email, and the email address can be found in the CONTACT US.

Contact Us

In Conclusion is a replica watches online store that has a simple but appealing design, replica watches of over 30 brands, replicas at low price, and acceptable return & exchange policy. For me, it is not trustworthy, because I do think its positive aspects fail to compensate the negative ones, such as the false information in movement (the major element to judge a replica watch), the limited contact way ( element deciding whether you can get valid responses or not), and unreliable product photos.

Vacheron Constantin Malte Small Seconds: Original & Replica


Vacheron Constantin, established in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron, is reputed as the ‘world’s oldest watch manufacturer that has been engaged in uninterrupted activity since its establishment. As a brand with storied history, Vacheron Constantin has developed numerous models, among which Vacheron Constantin Malte Small Seconds was the one presented to the world last year. The classic model well ensures that Vacheron Constantin tops the list of the proverbial watchmaking.

Like many models of other brands, such as Franck Muller and Dubey & Schaldenbrand, it has a tonneau shape. But there is a certain angular look to the watch, making the watch kind of special and not the one you can see everyday.

In terms of the watch, it has a case that consists of 18kt white gold, and it is 36.7 x 47.61 mm in diameter. The watch is equipped with a black alligator mississippiensis leather strap that is finished with a half Maltese cross clasp. One more thing fantastic about the model lies in its sapphire crystal back case, through which the movement can be admired.

This Vacheron Constantin Malte Small Seconds is powered by a Vacheron Constantin 4400 AS manual winding movement, which is proud of a total power reserve of 65hours when it is fully wound. The 127 part movement, equipped with 21 jewels, oscillates at a frequency of 28.800 vibrations per hour. Like other models of the Malte collection, this one is known to the public for its quality.


Here comes the sandblasted silver dial of the model. Just like its name suggests, the timepiece features a small seconds register positioning at the 6 hour marker. The hands and hour markers are made of white gold, and the Roman numerals in 12 and 6 hour markers makes the sophistication of this timepiece class up.


Due to the popularity of Vacheron Constantin Malte Small Seconds, a large number of replicas of the model have been brought out. As for Vacheron Constantin replica watches, it is generally accepted that, the more complicated the model is, the worse the replica tends to be. Just like what I have mentioned above, the Malte Small Seconds from Vacheron Constantin is constructed and finished beautifully as a very simple and refined timepiece. Therefore, its fake models tend to be better replicated than many other models of the brand. Here is one replica Vacheron Constantin Malte Small Seconds for instance.

replica Malte Small Seconds

It is a good clone watch that looks closely similar to the original. The simplicity of the model makes the copy easier.

Instead of adopting a Vacheron Constantin 4400 AS manual winding movement, the replica is powered by a Japanese automatic movement, which has a power reserve of more than 24 hours. Like the original, it is equipped with a see-through back case, but a mineral crystal one.

Malte Small Seconds replica watch

Unlike the original, this one has a case that is made of 18k white gold plated stainless steel. Besides, it is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap.

In my opinion, the model is versatile that I can wear it everyday and for special occasions. In the meanwhile, it is a timepiece that looks classic and will be not out of fashion even in the next 20 years. How do you think of the model?

Review of It Is A Big Fraud Company

live chate

The purpose of this review is to give a reference to those who are thinking about buying replica watches. As we all know, there are a variety of websites, ranging from those selling boutiques to complete scammers. As for the, which I will focus on in this review, whether it is a trustworthy or fraud replica watches online store depending on your judgment. All I will do is to list their reviews collected from and partially, and then, make your own judgment.

Their Satisfaction Guarantee: Not Workable

“Our business thrives on good reputation. We know how important it is that every customer be happy with their purchase every time they return to our online boutique. We guarantee satisfaction with your purchase,” claims the site.

perfect watches

However, what I see online are reviews like these.

“They are best for nothing. They have an impressive site to impress the world but when I talk about watches, they own toy watches. It what you get what you pay for. I doubted the quality from the day I placed an order of $300 and was waiting what would be the quality of the piece. I’ll say I get what I was expecting. It looks like a toy watch or a watch might be suitable for kids. I can’t even think to wear this watch at home. I don’t repent either because I already knew what these Chinese sites offer in return of your money. I want to say, stay away from these guys and spend your money on some healthy activity.”

—-Jesse H. from

perfect watch quality review

“Sounds very similar to (Ship from HKG). Received the item, but quality not great. They refuse to provide me with any contact details or returns information until I have sent them a photo of the watch. I’m in a deadlock with them now and cannot see me obtaining any of my money back.”

—-SusannahH from


Quality: Good or Bad?

According to reviews on these two review site, it is kind of difficult to make it clear whether is selling boutiques or garbage.

Here is the overall evaluation on—only two-star review

perfect watch

No star-review is shown on According to the detailed reviews on the page, it is a mediocre replica watch site.

“My experience with was really bad and now I have decided not to try each and every site out there. I was attracted with their prices because prices were looking good but I was not sure about the quality. As they offer cheap prices, quality of their watches is also cheap. I spend $300 there and their sent watch was not even worth $20. It looks like a toy watch and I never wear that watch till now because that is not of any standard to be worn. I want to say don’t go after their prices because they are selling toys out there. Increase your budget a bit and go with some good site or manufacturer who offer good quality watches.”

—Juha M. From

“Damn. The Montblanc looks pretty good and would purchase it in a heartbeat. Almost did.”

—-Aquascottk from

Customer Service & Shipping: Kind Of Terrible


It seems that they offer terrible customer service.

“ is scam they never take care of their customers. They answer emails before purchase, but disappear once they received the money. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE from them. DO NOT TRUST THEM. IT IS SCAM!!!”

—-Joe G. from

“Pls do NOT order anything even for free from these rude Fraudsters.

I placed an order for 2 watches last month(May 2015). Almost one month now and still nothing delivered. I contact everyday with their customer service and I receive everyday a different reply such as: 1. Item not passed quality control-shipment delayed 2. Item N/A -Shipment Delayed 3. During last week every day they reply that tomorrow I will get refund. The bottom line is that they have banned me from live chat with their customer service even if i was demanding politely my money back because I am spending their time.”

—-Evan A. from

customer service

In Conclusion

After looking at reviews above, how do you think of the store? As for me, I will never try this store. Review: It Is Always Satisfying

For me, a customer of a site is the one who is qualified to write an unbiased and trustworthy. That’s why I display a review of a reader below.

“On the request of Watchesgeek, I would like to share my experience of being a regular customer of and my attitude to the site. This review is based on my purchase of a replica Rolex Milgauss from the online store.

Quality: Its Watch Has Never Let Me Down

Obviously, as a regular customer, I have been visited the site for several times, and the four replica Rolex watches I bought have never made me disappoint. Among all the replicas, this replica Rolex Milgauss is what I like best.

Rolex Milgauss replica

Almost all details of the watch are satisfying. Here I used the word “almost” because it is a replica watch costing only about 150 dollars and it is impossible for it to be a flawless clone watch.

In my opinion, it is a nice replica, without smudges here and there. The glass looks so fantastic and the stainless steel bracelet and case appear to be as shiny as the original. Look at the dial, can you identify any difference between it and the original? I even compared it with the picture of the real Milgauss, I could not tell the difference at first glance. Of course, the most important reason for that I like the watch lies in that it looks really good beautiful on my wrist and I feel quite comfortable while wearing it.

My friend also has a replica Rolex Milgauss. He bought the replica at the price of about 300 dollars. It is claimed that the watch is powered by Swiss automatic movement, but I could not find its difference from mine.

replica Rolex Milgauss

The Site: Simple and Elegant Design

For me, the site looks charming. Maybe many people think that the watch is too simple, but for me, a simple design is enough. Since it is an on-line shopping store, it is satisfying if it displays all the information well and there are a plenty of products available on the site. Additionally, pictures of the watches on the site have high resolution, making it possible for me to get detailed information of the watch I want.

Service: They Have Excellent Customer Service

I really appreciate its live-chat service. If I contact them via the ‘LIVE CHAT’ during their working time, they always reply me very quickly.

I once sent them message via email, and they also impressed me with their quick and professional reply. I can tell that they are quite professional basing on their informative replies. shipping and tracking

Shipping: It Is Fast

I enjoyed free shipping service on the store, and it took me about 10 days to receive the watch. Once the checking was available, they sent it to me at once. It is quite impressive for me. return and exchange

Return and Exchange Policy: Reasonable

They offer a 30-day money back and product exchange policy. “You can return your purchase for up to 30 days from the purchase date,” “You can exchange your purchase for up to 30 days from the purchase date,”—extracted from the site.

In conclusion

The review is based on my experience, and I do hope it can be of any assistance to those who are looking for a trustworthy replica Rolex online store.”